Friday, March 16, 2012

HR for Principals: 16 Quick Interviewing and Selection Reminders

The hiring season will soon be upon the education world.  Here are a few quick reminders about interviewing, selection, and hiring for school administrators.

Before the Interview

1.    Review the job description and other information to determine the education, qualities, skills, etc., the successful candidate should have

2.    Use various search criteria and a rubric to select applicant to interview

3.    Assemble a diverse interview panel of at least three employees to conduct the interviews

4.    Create a list of questions pertaining to job duties (use your job description to write questions) and qualifications to ask each candidate

5.    Review their roles with panel members as well as topics (see below) to avoid

Conducting the Interview

6.    Allow a sufficient amount of time to conduct the interview

7.    Only ask questions determined ahead of time and reasonable follow-up questions

8.    Let the candidate do most of the talking

9.    As soon as possible after the interview, panel members should score the interviews or use whatever other evaluation method has been chosen

After the Interview

10. Check references

11. Have a non-panel member review social media sites and report back with information relevant (this person should redact any 'protected' information)to the selection process (Do not ‘friend’ job candidates) ((Checking SM sites an optional but growing practice)

(12 -14 vary by district - this process reflects the practice in mine)

12. Choose the desired candidate and report the selection to your Staffing Specialist

13. Do not offer the job to anyone or even tell someone she/he will be receiving an offer

14. Only HR can offer a job to a candidate

15. Send a letter to interviewees not selected

16. Maintain information relating to the interviewing and selection process for three years

Protected Categories




•Gender (includes pregnancy)


•National Origin

•Marital Status


 *Special thanks to colleagues Carol S. and Valarie W.  who co-presented on this topic with me.  I must admit that I stole some of their ideas.

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