Thursday, November 8, 2012

50 Things Teachers Should Never Post

Another re-run as I continue to prepare for VSTE12  ... Are there any that I missed?  Feel free to add to the list in the comments section.

I've always recommended that teachers should separate their personal and school social media personas. However, if you chose not to heed this advice, here are the top 50 things you should never post on any SM page to which your students have access.

1. Pictures of yourself in a bathing suit.
2. Pictures of your significant other in a bathing suit.
3. Anything that starts with the word 'Party.'
4. Pictures of you holding a mixed drink.
5. Pictues of you holding a 40.
6. Pictures of you two fisting your drink.
7. Boyfriend drama.
9. Family drama.
10. Work drama.
11. Results of your pregnancy test.
12. Results of your wife's pregnancy test.
13. Results of you lab work.
15. Your weight loss.
16. Your weight gain.
17. Your Vegas trip.
18. Your Miami trip.
19. Stories about you in high school.
20. Stories about you in college.
21. Frat stories.
22. Sorority stories.
25. First date stories.
26. Last date stories.
27. New boyfriend stories.
28. New girlfriend stories.
29. Old boyfriend stories.
30. Old  girlfriend stories.
31. Your review of 50 Shades of Gray. Get your copy >>>>>>>>>
32. Your review of Showgirls.
33. Your blackjack strategy.
34. Your craps strategy.
35. Your Lottery numbers.
36. Your bank account balance.
37. Your marriage problems.
38. Your kid's problems.
39. Your love life.
40. Your lack of a love life.
41. Your wedding pictures.
42. Your divorce pictures.
43. Boxers or briefs.
44. Bikini or thong.
45. Your cycle.
46. Negative comments about students.
47. Negative comments about your neighborhood.
48. Negative comments about your principal.
49. Negative comments about your colleagues.
50. Your personal contact information.

Flickr photo credit - Urs Steiner - stoneysteiner (CC)

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