Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Great Leadership: 10 Penalties That I Would Call if I Were a [Principal] Referee

This post originally appeared on Great Leadership by Dan McCarthy.  Although Dan writes for a business audience, I think his message is apropos for school leaders.  

 In the final minutes of the recent Super Bowl, 49ers coach Harbaugh was upset about a holding penalty on Michael Crabtree that he thought should have been called. After the game, he said “there was no question in my mind there was a pass interference, and then a hold on the last play.”

What would professional football be without good officiating? From Coach Harbaugh’s perspective, it would be the difference between winning and losing the most important game of the season.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the workplace, there are no management referees. Managers get away with all kinds of fouls, with little or no consequences. Often it’s because no one with any authority is there to catch them in the act.

What if we created a new job called a “Management Referee”? Just like those NFL-like referees that roam the airports in the Southwest Airlines commercials throwing penalty flags for bag fees and poor customer service, these referees would patrol the workplace looking for flagrant management malpractice violations.

Here’s 10 penalties that I’d look for if I were a Management Referee: (Click through to finish reading the original post on Great Leadership.)

Great Leadership: 10 Penalties That I Would Call if I Were a Management Referee:

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