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Top 5 Elementary Teacher Interview Questions

I know October is not traditionally the 'teacher hiring season' but this is the time of year to land those long-term substitute jobs and the rest-of-the-year-because-someone-had-a-baby jobs.  So for those of you interview in the off-season, I thought I'd pass on some of the basics.

#Edleaders - this list is pretty basic - what would you add to the list?

Today's guest post was written by Anny Thomas

If you are a teacher and looking for a job in elementary school, than it would be advised that you go well prepared in advance, at least be geared up to answer common elementary teacher interview questions. Remember these questions are formulated keeping in mind that the interviewer wants to know more about your personality and get acquainted with your real nature and your strength and weakness. Read on to get into the furrow and crack the elementary teacher interview like a professional:

Top 5 Common Elementary Teacher Interview Questions & Answers:

Q1- Tell us about you? Like all the other professional job interviews this is also a common question asked during an elementary school teacher interview. Generally it is the first question or we can even say an ice breaking question.Keep the answer to this question, short and to the point. Talk about your professional profile and your achievements. Do not talk about personal life. You can even include your educational qualification, but remember to keep the answer short and precise. In just few lines the panel should be able to get the core information.

Q2- What Do You Know About This School? Now, this is a tricky question and is basically asked to understand how excited you are about the job opportunity. You are accepted to do some homework here. Look at the schools website and learn about their mission statement. Compliment the authorities, for the kind of work they are doing for the future of the nation, to develop and nurture real good and smart citizens for the future. In a line or two do not forget to mention, that you are very much thrilled about the opportunity and would like to contribute towards the right growth and bright future of the kids.

Q3- What are some of the key strengths of an elementary school teacher? This is a very common question asked during a teacher interview. So you should certainly go well prepared with the most suitable answer. You may answer this question by saying that the teacher should be able to understand the need of the child and should be able to communicate to him her in the most suitable manner. While doing so she should understand the child's strengths and weakness and handle the situation serenely.

Q4- How do you communicate with the child's parents? Today, teacher's communication with the child's parents is absolutely important. Several parents judge teacher by the way they treat them and communicate to them. So many of the school authorities are very much concerned about the strategy you follow to handle parents. Here you can answer by saying that communicating to parents is absolutely important for all teachers, because it not only help them understand the child nature and attitude individually. But also help parents develop a sense of satisfaction and confidence that their child is in the right hands, who would help their child develop a bright future and perception.

Q5- How did you help a student who was struggling and how you helped him overcome the situation? This is yet another commonly asked tricky elementary teacher interview question. Here they are looking for a real life case scenario. Everyone has a success story and you might be having it too. Don't hesitate to boast about your accomplishment here. Talk about how the child was struggling and how you (without handing the child over to someone else) help the child overcome the situation and how he was successful. If possible talk about a strategy that you follow.

Quick Tips to Keep In Mind While Attending an Elementary School Teacher Interview:

- Be confident
- Keep a positive tone and attitude.
- Keep reminding yourself that you are a superb teacher.
- Mind your body gestures.
- Remember the achievements and awards you want to highlight during the interview.
- If you are not sure about the question, do not hesitate to ask for a clarification. It is better to be clear about the question rather than answering the question incorrectly.
- Do not fumble.
- Before leaving the room do not forget to Thank the panel.

Article by Anny Thomas of Gigajob UK

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