Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Best Ways to Master An Ipad

By Daniel Humphries

What's the best way to master your iPad? How do you know you're getting the most out of it?

We have very much become a visual society. Television, movies, YouTube, smartphones, tablets--receiving information through visual media has become the most popular, most effective, and most efficient means of information transmission and consumption. Memorizing and retaining facts and data can still be accomplished through reading and recitation, but learning a new skill or task is, most often, best accomplished by being shown how to do it and then repeating what you've just seen, or by being able to do it step-by-step alongside the other person in a video. It is typically easier to learn a new task or concept by watching someone else do it than it is to just listen to or read instructions and hope that you are interpreting them correctly.

Personally, as I learn more and more about how to research online markets, how to set up accounts, and how to learn new skills, watching someone else do those same things in video format has become invaluable. I don't have to struggle trying to figure something out on my own. I recently purchased an iPad for my wife for Christmas. Even though she is fairly computer savvy, it is much easier for her to watch a video tutorial on how to accomplish something or learn a new feature than it is to go to the help manual, read the instructions, and then try to match up what she read to what she is now seeing on the screen.

In the specific instance of learning how to use an iPad, several options currently exist to learn how to get the most out of it:

1. Read the online help manual -- dry reading; possibly hard to follow; covers basic features; may not include helpful tips or tricks that others have discovered that are quicker and easier than the factory instructions.

2. Have a friend show you -- good if the friend has already learned quite a bit; probably won't be completely thorough in addressing all functions; may include shortcuts and tips.

3. Attend a local class or workshop -- could be fairly costly; may not have enough time to address all functions; may not be able to perform tasks simultaneously with instructor; everyone learns at a different pace and may not be able to have the instructor repeat the task enough for you to feel comfortable before moving on.

4. Watch a free video that someone has uploaded to YouTube or other video service -- may not be of good quality; may not be a trusted source; probably doesn't cover all functions, so may have to find different videos to cover different tasks

5. Purchase a reasonably priced professionally made comprehensive instructional video tutorial -- shows you step-by-step, click-by-click, how to perform all functions in a clear easy-to-understand way; allows you to repeat lessons until you are comfortable; will stay updated with upgrades. (Editor's note - here's a program I like, it's a little pricey but well worth it CLICK HERE.)

Many people have turned to the last option to learn all the functions of their iPad. Being able to watch which buttons are clicked, what is typed into each box, and what shows up on the next screen makes the task at hand a piece of cake. And with visual learning, comprehension and retention is stronger. It takes away all the guesswork and possible misinterpretation of (and frustration with) the instructions, and it also allows you to repeat a step indefinitely until you have it down and you're ready to move on to the next step, which provides a better sense of confidence and accomplishment for you.

So, if you've just purchased or been given an iPad and are unsure of how to get started, or if you've had one for awhile and still don't feel like you have the best understanding of what it can really do, find a reasonably priced professionally produced video tutorial that shows someone walking you through every function and capability step by step. It will be the most efficient and most effective way to master your iPad and get the most out of it now and into the future.

Daniel Humphries is an internet entrepreneur who works with various internet companies in the marketing field. He has learned many skills through watching and learning and knows the value of learning new skills and implementing them to further his career and to help others.

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