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Juvenile Detective Shares Which #SM Kids Are Using #edtech

Horse Thief Detective Association

My oldest and dearest friend is a Juvenile Detective in a small town outside Philadelphia.  We often share resources related to helping at-risk kids, preventing youth violence, and lately, cyber-bullying.  The other day he sent me a list of the most active social media sites being used by kids and teens in his area.  Some on the list are familiar to me ... some are not.  

A couple I recognize from my kids' phones and ipods.  

The list is in rough form, I'm sharing it as he presented it, but I think it is useful.   He included apps and links to help parents monitor their children's digital foot-print.  

I'm sure we missed some, an exhaustive list would be pretty near impossible, so please comment with any of the big ones.  


Social Networks

Instagram (anon)
Vine (looping 6-second videos)
4chan (image-based bulletin board/chat, no registration needed, anon)
Pheed (can comment on anything any user posts, share video, photos, text, recordings, use of
hashtags to easily spread comments)

Reddit (social news/entertainment site that once comments get going can get pretty rough if

Messenger Apps

Wickr (messaging app that “leaves no trace”)
SnapChat (photos/videos/art/text)
Kik (anon)
Voxer (push-to-talk live messaging/walkie talkie app)
HeyTell (push-to-talk, walkie-talkie messaging w/ record option) (formerly FormSpring) - App to ask/answer questions, smile at people and meet up
(They at least have a decent safety section)
Skype (calls and instant messaging)
Viber (calls, texts and photo sharing) - Social discovery (meaning find people nearby) and gaming

Sites/Apps to Watch--not sure if kids are using yet

GroupMe (group chat)

Related Stories

4chan suicide attempt, raises questions as to whether we should provide guidance for kids
being bullied/harassed by people they don’t know in these chat rooms, etc.

Police in New South Wales call Kik the #1 social media problem involving teens

This one talks about Voxer and mentions that it’s been used for cyberbullying.

This article suggests kids are moving on from Kik and Viber is one of the networks they chose:

Social media bullying stats

Accountability by networks

Tools for Parents

Screen Retriever (plans to monitor mobile as well)

Review of Mobile Monitoring Software

Parents Magazine Best Apps for Preventing Cyberbullying

GoGoStat's Parental Guidance (Mobile App)
This app lets you see posts from your kids containing drug references and vulgarities, know
when they post photos and profile details that should not be public, and check when they add
new friends that are out of a predetermined age or geographic range. Parents can also print
social media Emergency Reports, developed with the help of law enforcement. (Free;
iPhone, iPad)

TEENBeing website: For adults who are helping teens make great life decisions:
ViberSpy - An app to see what your kid is doing on VIber

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