Thursday, January 3, 2013

The #1 Twitter Tip for Teachers, Administrators, & Other Educators

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This post first ran back in September but my Twitter inbox tells me it's time to run it again.

I've been hanging out with my growing PLN for about a year now.  A great group of people and tweeple from whom I've learned a lot.  There is one lesson that my PLN needs to learn and share and that is if you get a direct message like any of these -

"Hey is this you in this video?"

"Didn't you even see them taping?"

"This person is saying really bad things about you."

"LOL you're famous now."

"What are you doing in this vid?"

"This person is writing horrible things about you."

THE MESSAGE IS NOT REAL!  Trust me, you're not really in a video, no one is saying horrible things about you, and you're not going to become famous in a viral video.

These messages are a phishing schemes.  Someone is trying to hijack your account by getting you to click on the link, enter your password, and hand over control of your account.

So there you have it - the number 1 twitter tip for teachers, administrators, and other educators - be smart and keep control of your accounts.

photo credit: Rosaura Ochoa


  1. Thanks for this post. I got one of those about me doing something wrong in a video and my career flashed before my eyes.

    1. No problem Marvin, thanks for reading and glad I could allay some of your fears.



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