Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Distraction: It's the Weekend - Try Something

Hey it's the weekend ... why not try something new?

For Father's Day, as noted in a previous post, the kids got me a surf kayak.  A surf kayak is designed for pulling of surfboard like moves from a seated position.  If you've never seen a surf kayak in action check out this YouTube video.  Now, there's somethings you should know about surf kayaks.

1) They're not made for beginners,
2) They're not made for people over two-hundred pounds.

Both of these items apply to me.  So, why you might ask, would I want to get my fat butt on a surf kayak?  Because it looks fun.

Plain and simple - it looks fun.  I see people all the time surfing or paddling around with the dolphins.  Looked like a great time to me and I got tired of watching from the beach.  Sure I could have asked for a 'beginners' kayak and let my skill out grow it in a month.  Or I could jump right in with an aggressive machine and hope my skills caught up with my ride.  I chose the latter.  Hopefully, I'll be riding high in a couple of weeks.  The first session didn't go all that well (let's say I've never been that nervous in the water) but the second went much better.  By session 5 I figure I'll be riding waves more and climbing back on less.

Which brings me full-circle to my original point.  Try something new this weekend.  Climb, bike, walk, camp, shoot a goal, or blog your way into adventure.  If you need me, I'll be coughing on sea water as I try to master something new.

Have a great weekend.


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