Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Moose Sh** - Really?

This is post is a bit of a rant - it's also about shit ... moose shit to be exact.  If you've never seen moose poop it looks like this ...

Does that look like chocolate covered almonds to you?

It did to a parent-chaperon who was supervising 8th graders on a field trip in Manitoba, Canada.  The wanna be comedian/parent picked up the moose poop, put it in a baggie and gave it to students telling them it was chocolate covered almonds.  Victim one ran off to wash his mouth after a classmate yelled, "You just ate moose shit."

Enter victim two, who did not witness the first encounter, who ate the shit  - which then got stuck in her braces.    Embarrassed, humiliated, devastated, grossed-out, I can only imagine what went through this poor girl's head when she found out what had been done to her.

Her parents want some heads on a platter and I really can't say I blame them.

Nasty. And certainly not funny.

What, I wonder, would have happened if the roles had been reversed and the student gave the parent shit to eat - I'm guessing they wouldn't have been able to expel her fast enough. 

Here's the worst part.  Standing feet away, watching this happen was the school principal and the student's teacher.  It appears they were in on the joke. 

With all these adults standing around - who was looking out for the kids?

It is always, always the responsibility of school staff to look out for the well-being of students in our charge.

It is always, always the responsibility of the principal to stand up when no one else when no one else will. 

This so-called joke was mean, cruel, and absolutely disgusting.  It is shameful that the principal stood by and allowed this to happen not once but twice. 

Stand up for your students - every time - even if you have to put a parent in their place to do so. 

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