Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ted Tuesday: Feats of Memory

Watch the video and then I'll share how I used the memory techniques to to remember everything on my grocery list.

Ok, so we're at indoor soccer practice and my wife says to me, "you'll have to stop at the store on the way home."  Of course, I have no paper to make a list but I remembered the ridiculous story used in this video.  "I can do this" I say to myself.   Lisa, my wife, says, "We need milk cereal, Benadryl, and shower curtains for the bathrooms."

Here's my story - and I know I should be able to remember 4 items without any problems but the years are adding up.  I walk out my door to go to work and see Cookie Monster sitting on a horse hold two boxes of cereal.  I jump in the truck and John Travolta is sitting in the passenger seat holding a gallon of milk.  He sneezes and spills the milk all over the place.  Brittany Spears opens the door and hands him some Benadryl for his allergies wearing nothing but two shower curtains.  

 So Josh is right - stupid stories help you memorize things.  Who knew?  

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